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Use Support Logs to Fuel Customer Journey Maps


Customer support logs are an endless source of data for building insightful customer journey maps. However, we’ve discovered that it’s not as popular as it could be. Based on the research we’ve conducted at UXPressia, only around 30% of people actually use support requests from customers as a source of data for their CJMs. In this article, we’ll see how to use support data to fuel your journey maps.

10.5 Tips to Take Customer Journey Mapping to the Next Level


Customer journey mapping (CJM) market is so hot today. It seems like everyone is doing it. We use CJM not only to map customer journey, but to map employee journeys and even email campaigns. However, it is important to use the technique right so here are 10.5 tips on how you can take the most […]

Employee Experience Journey Map: Example + Template


Today, we are all obsessed with experience of the customer. However, few seem to care about employee experience. This makes no sense whatsoever. It is common to think that customers are the drivers of business. And while this is true, imagine what would happen if all employees from your company decided to take a couple […]