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Start Off on the Right Foot with CJM

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Customer Journey Mapping may seem to be a technique for improving existing products. Well, not quite so. CJM can help you a lot when designing products and services from scratch! And here’s how you do it.

How Not To Put CJM on the Shelf


Creating a CJM just to put it on a shelf is a bad idea. You customer journey maps must be acted up, maintained properly and updated all the time. Let’s have a look at what you should do so your maps don’t collect dust somewhere in a drawer.

Good, better, the CJM


Customer journey mapping looks like a great technique. From the first glance, it might look too good to be true. So… are there any alternatives to CJM? Let’s figure it out.

The 6 targets you will hit with CJM


What exactly does CJM help you accomplish? Why is there a need for doing customer journey mapping in the first place? We got you 6 good reasons how CJM can help your business. Read on!

Power up your CJM with real stuff


Making a CJM sounds like a great idea, but… where to get data from? In this post, we’ll try to analyze the most popular sources of user data that can be used for your customer journey maps.