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6 Cases When You Need to Create an Impact Map


When should you create an impact map? If you read our previous articles covering the concept of Impact Mapping and how to create impact maps, you might’ve asked this question. This technique is simple, yet so powerful, has quite a few applications and we’ll try to uncover most of them in this post.

Update: Impact Mapping Online Beta


Spring is best known for bringing new things to life. At UXPressia, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make an impactful (spoiler!) spring release and we’re bursting with excitement to show you what we’re bringing to you this time.

How to create an Impact Map in 4 easy steps?


As you might remember from our previous post, Impact Mapping is a product planning technique. The one that lets you set business goals and visualize the way and the means to achieve them. This method shows you the impact that this or that feature will make (or won’t) once implemented. By creating an Impact Map, […]