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Top 5 pitfalls when doing Customer Journey Mapping


From the first glance, customer journey mapping seems to be quite straightforward: collect data, create personas, identify touchpoints, wrap it all together, profit! In reality, it is hardly so. In our article “5 reasons why CJM might not be the weapon of your choice”, we touched upon a few no-no’s when making journey maps. In […]

Se7en things to look at when journey mapping


Up until this moment, we’ve been talking a lot about personas, touchpoints and why customer journey mapping is something your company can’t live without. These parts are clear enough to you and now you’re sitting behind your desk with all personas you could come up with and with dozens of touchpoints. You’re itching to start […]

Happy New Year from UXPressia


Dear members of UXPressia family, We’ve been working insanely hard for the last few months skipping brunches and lunches so you can enjoy the brand new Dashboard and Personas. And trust us, you are getting them all with a nice red bow on top. All we want from you is a pinch of patience as […]

Hit the touchpoints, Jack


What makes journeys so exciting? Not the road itself (though it can be and often is fun), but rather the stops we make along the way. The experience we have at each stop defines how happy we are at the end. At the same time, planning fun journeys is by far not easy. We don’t […]

Good, better, the CJM


Choosing between UX tools can be overwhelming as there’s a whole lot of options while the resources are finite. At the same time deciding on which technique to pick is an inevitable step in UX designing process. On top of that, it requires a solid knowledge of the industry including the latest trends. Well, choices […]

The 6 targets you will hit with CJM


What exactly does CJM help you accomplish? Why is there a need for doing customer journey mapping in the first place? We got you 6 good reasons how CJM can help your business. Read on!