CJM Template for Banking/Finance (for business)



Providing banking services to people is far from easy, but B2B banking is a horse of a different color. While in the first case there’s usually one decision maker, the second scenario assumes that there might be a whole bunch of them. But even if we’re talking lone rangers like entrepreneurs they still have a completely different set of goals, unlike B2C clients.

To make the process of mapping customer journeys for B2B banking less painful and frustrating we made this CJM template. It’s been tailored in such a way that you can start mapping right away. This basic set of touchpoints we included will most likely make it for you for the first time as it’s based on many years of experience in UX and multiple studies and workshops we conducted.

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Map's Persona

John Lee, 33, France

Entrepreneur. Has a medium size company (30 employees). 

Cooperates with two different banks. 

Interested in cost and quality of services, speed of work. 

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Banking/Finance (for business)

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