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We heard that last night a movie theater was robbed of a $1000. As they say in the news the thieves took one large bag of popcorn, a combo meal, and a medium coke. Absolutely barbaric! Charging that much money!

Something about UX in cinemas definitely has to change. Improving user experience with CJM is effective and you can have so much fun with it. Take this customer journey mapping template we made especially for movie theaters. It’s based on the experience of thousands of movie goers as well as on our own.

It has 12 stages and that will cover the entire journey of any moviegoer out there. We did the heavy-lifting for you. All there’s left to do is map the journey!

And remember: watching your UX getting better is more breathtaking than watching any blockbuster whatsoever!

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Map's Persona

Margarita de León

Margarita is a movie fan. She loves going to cinemas and never misses the opportunity to watch a movie whenever possible. Often watches movies with her friends. Sometimes she goes to movies alone, but not too often. Margarita watches everything starting from romantic movies to horrors and thrillers.

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