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What makes a great video game is a detailed virtual world and an immersive gameplay. The UX has to be up to the mark too. Even if it’s virtual. Designing gaming user experience has tough challenges of its own.

To help you face those challenges we came up with this template for gamers’ journey mapping. You can start mapping right away looking for users’ ouch-points without the need for spending time on gathering touchpoints. Feel free to take it as is, or modify the template the way you like. It’s all yours now.

Collect all the coins, defeat the dragon and save your game's UX from the castle in this exciting game called "Customer Journey Mapping"!

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Dylam Riley, 28, USA

Has a girlfriend. Rents a flat. Works in IT. Medium income. 

Likes shooters and races. Spends  2-3 hours daily on video games. 

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Links to help you

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