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A tourist is leaving Alabama and right before entering Georgia he sees a sign at a gas station saying “Do not miss the opportunity to buy ¢28 gas for the last time!”.So he stops and buys some gas. He later asks the boy filling his car’s tank about the price of gas in Georgia. “24 cents per gallon, sir”, answers the boy.

Well, sometimes the price doesn’t matter. You can have the lowest gas price in the town. Still, people will buy at a station where there’s a coffee machine and a smiling manager. We made this customer journey map template so you can fill your UX tank with premium insights and win your customers’ hearts once and for all.

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Map's Persona

Jordan Christiaens

Married, one kid.

Consultant at a local store in Washington DC.

Typically drives about 7 miles a day to get to work and back home. Drives a hatchback. Often uses his car on weekend to take his family out of town.

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Gas Station

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