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No matter what you manufacture, user experience is everywhere; and as in any domain, designing UX and building customer journeys specific to this domain have their rough sides.

To help you reduce the effort and maximize profits, we’ve come up with this CJM template for manufacturers. It includes the “starter-pack” set of touchpoints so you can make a few tweaks and dive right into mapping!

Take our expertise in customer experience with many years of mapping and use it as a shortcut to creating excellent UX!

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Imke Scholten, 27, NL

Single, no children. 

Designer in a publishing house. 

Likes to spend her time with friends, among other things for shopping. Tries to follow fashion tendencies and trends. 


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Links to help you

Our blog to help you start with CJM: https://uxpressia.com/blog/

What does CX mean for manufacturers: https://idc-community.com/manufacturing/manufacturing-value-chain/what_does_customer_experience_mean...

The Changing Manufacturing Customer Journey: http://www.sas.com/offices/pdf/br/201612-conected-manufacturing-customer-experience-thomas-roehm.pdf

Interview with UX manager of Whirlpool: http://www.keepitusable.com/blog/?tag=manufacturing

Manufacturing Must Go Digital to Improve User Experience: http://www.fishmancorp.com/manufacturing-digital/