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What does it take to make a truly user-friendly mobile app that will hit a million downloads mark? It takes a lot. A lot of effort from UX design team, a lot of studies, focus groups and beta tests. With CJM and our template for mobile applications, it takes a little bit less. You still do all the work, but seeing what people love in your app and reasons why they’d execute all the developers all together is way easier.

Besides, all the research goes now right onto the map so you can see what to tweak in your app so it becomes a rock start in Google Play and Apple Store.

And what does it take to make a template like this? Many years of studying UX and taking the best from all the maps out there to make your experience of creating UX more enjoyable and you more productive. Go ahead and surprise your users with fantastic apps!

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Jonathan Russell, 18, USA

Secondary school student. Lives with parents, has two elder sisters. Likes baseball, plays for the school team. Goes to movies with friends a couple of times per week. Uses social media a lot. Info-channels: Internet, friends. 

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