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The software industry is the big thing today. We are surrounded by it. It’s in the car you drive. It’s in the plane you take to visit your family. Even your fridge runs some kind of software.

Now, what makes your soft excellent? Apart from well-written code, of course. It’s just two letters actually – UX.

Starting from the moment when your user downloads it, through installation, setting up and use, up to asking for help and giving feedback – this journey is what you have to pay a very close attention to if you want to make a difference.

With our expertise in customer journey mapping, chances are good that this template will help you cover all possible UX gaps.

Do you want to make the world a better place? Take this free CJM template, use it along with our customer journey mapping software and set the bar in the world of soft development a whole lot higher.

To take the most out of UXPressia CJM Online tool, feel free to schedule a live demo with the team!

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Trond Ellingsen

Trond is a senior consultant at a medium size marketing agency in Oslo. He's married and has a kid. He spends considerable time working in the office, but sometimes he works remotely from home.

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