CJM Template for Taxi


How many taxi drivers does it take to change a lightbulb?

- Two. One to screw it in and the other to overcharge it.

Now, how many designers does it take to make a good-looking digital version of your CJM?

- None! As long as you use our ready-made customer journey mapping template for taxi services. And no overcharges!

We learned from Uber’s journey maps and a whole lot of others. We took all experience we had and ended up with this fine template. Cram it with your data and create exceptional UX so that your customers won’t think long when it’s time to call a taxi.

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Map's Persona

Micaela Silva

Micaela works in a bank. She lives with her boyfriend in a rented apartment. She prefers to go to work using public transport, but a few times a week she calls a taxi. She uses taxi either when she's late to work in the morning or when it's late in the night.

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