CJM Template for Travel (for agencies)



Did you know that traveling can improve problem-solving skills, make you more creative and even smarter? Maybe. But did you know that mapping journeys of your traveling customers can help you create a better user experience and thus help your business grow? Sure you did. That’s why you’re here.

Grab our template for traveling agencies, pretend you’re your customer and take an unforgettable UX trip. Our map gives you 15 places to visit - from aware, planning and purchase through the flight, check in and accommodation, up to flying back and engaging in bonus programs.

Take this trip, get insights as souvenirs and they will change the way you see UX for good.

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Map's Persona

Lauriane Blanc, 26, France

Single, no children.

Beginner specialist in government sphere. Goes on a vacation twice a year. Often uses agency services for planning trips.

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Travel (for agencies)

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Links to help you

Our blog to help you start with CJM: https://uxpressia.com/blog

A marketing guide for each stage of the travel customer journey: http://www.trekksoft.com/en/blog/marketing-across-customer-journey

The Customer Journey to Online Travel Purchase: http://fredericgonzalo.com/en/2013/05/27/the-customer-journey-to-online-travel-purchase/

How Micro-Moments Are Reshaping the Travel Customer Journey: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/articles/micro-moments-travel-customer-journey.html