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We don’t always ride in passenger jets, but when we do, we buy a first class ticket. The thing is, flying scares the hell out of us, but in first class they hand out free “bravery beverages”.

But you’re not an aerophobic type, are you? Even if you are, do not let it stop you from having a helluva time with our CJM template for airlines. Based on a ton of maps, a dozen of articles and hundreds of feedbacks from hard-headed flyers, this template is all you need to start off mapping.

Go get in your customer’s boots and walk all the way – from aware and booking stages, through check-in and flight, up to bonus programs and getting feedback.

We did the heavy-lifting for you, so you can spend less time picking touchpoints and more time mapping journeys. Get aboard in a snap with the Avia template – it is jet lag free!

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Map's Persona

Lucjan Krupa, 33, Poland

Has to go on business trips very often. 

Needs comfort and quality of service, but not ready to pay too much for it. 

Template Preview

Travel (for avia)

Maps we based on

Links to help you

Our blog to help you start with CJM: https://uxpressia.com/blog/

CJM for airlines: http://www.ascendforairlines.com/2014-issue-no-1/customer-journey-mapping-walk-customers-shoes

Erik Blachford on airline customer experience:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI0DLUidhL8

Tim Kobe on airline customer experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGAYy95taXQ

Paul Griffiths on  airline customer experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pyiSGhpp6c