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UXPressia affiliate program

Earn 25% commission on every affiliate sale

UXPressia's mission is to help design and build better experiences for professionals.

Join the UXPressia Affiliate Program to generate a new revenue stream by spreading the word to your friends, colleagues, and clients.

Becoming a UXPressia affiliate partner is easy

Step 1: Sign up

Register in the program. Click the “Join now” button above and create your affiliate account.

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Get the link

Copy your custom link and use it every time you spread the word about UXPressia.

Step 2: Get the link

Step 3: Promote to your audience

Promote the platform in a way that you best: on your social media pages, in blog posts, during client consultations, in newsletters, and so on.

Step 3: Promote to your audience

Step 4: Earn money

You get 25% comission for all sales made through your custom link.

Step 4: Earn money

How to become a great affiliate

Try UXPressia yourself or view the demo

Try UXPressia yourself or view the demo

Be active on social media and grow your network

Be active on social media and grow your network

Experiement with different content formats

Experiement with different content formats


Have questions about UXPressia’s affiliate program? We’ve got the answers

  • Is your Affiliate Program open to everyone?

    Our affiliate program is for CX, UX people, service and product managers, marketers, consultants, and anyone who knows (and loves) our platform and wants to spread the best practices in customer experience around the world.

    We also welcome those who are not UXPressia users to our program. (Though, we'd love to have you as a user! Sign up for a free account.)

  • How will you track the sales through my link?

    After signing up to the affiliate platform we use, you get a personalized affiliate link that you can start using immediately. We use cookies to track your referrals. Every time a first-time visitor who follows your link lands on our website, they get a unique cookie. If the person buys a paid UXPressia plan within 60 days after clicking your link, you’ll receive a commission.

  • How long are cookies valid for?

    The cookies last for 60 days after someone clicks on your link.

  • How will I track my sales?

    By logging in to your affiliate dashboard on Rewardful, you will see how many visits, signups, and purchases your link makes. We keep our clients’ data safe and secure, so you will see anonymous information, no names or email addresses.

  • Will I get paid for every new UXPressia user?

    You will get paid for paid users only. If a user creates a free account, you won’t receive any commission.

  • Can I earn commissions multiple times from a single user?

    Depending on the subscription type, you will receive commissions either monthly or annually.

  • How much will I make?

    You will get 25% of every payment made by your affiliate. It means if a person buys a monthly PRO plan for $36, you’ll get $9 every month the person renews their subscription. If a person uses a discount coupon and pays, for instance, $20 instead of $24, you'll get $5.

  • How often will I get paid?/When do you pay commissions?/ When will I receive my affiliate commissions?

    You will start getting payouts after 45 days of your affiliate payment. We keep this time to make sure there is no refund. We pay commissions around the end of the month.

  • How will I get paid?

    We make payments via PayPal to the address provided when you sign up for the program.

  • Is there an Affiliate agreement I need to sign?

    Nope. But by joining our Affiliate program, you agree to our Terms and conditions.

  • Are there any promotional materials I can use?

    Yes, check out our archive with marketing materials here.

  • Where am I allowed to promote UXPressia?

    You can promote UXPressia via your website or blog, social media pages, to your friends, subscribers, and colleagues, etc. The only thing we ask is that you don't use paid search to promote UXPressia (see more in Terms and conditions).

  • I have a different question.

    We’re always here to help! Shoot us an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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