About UXPressia

We love making services and products better - and customer journey is one of our favourite techniques.
We created UXPressia to make our job easier without spending extra time on making CJMs beautiful.
We hope it makes yours easier too

Our Team

Yuri b035c619b5b3ecf552561c0995db4feca4792248f7366343588c7bda85fbfe2e
Yuri Vedenin,
Anastasia 55cff7bd397879c00663296af57dd1fc4b539e9487613ceb233433ee8af62f61
Anastasia Schebrova,
UX wizard
Stanislav e9ee6dd6caeec2bf7f194f7234abcabdf6dcee31469cc67531616fec3b2c9ce3
Stanislav Slunkov,
AI lord
Irina cf588aa92097c24069b1b3a285208342cd3557403ce1b61d536b113a6518d22b
Irina Zdanevich,
Creativity Master
Kirill e9b1b7672d262138f7051f813c9ec5ffc3314d746bf8f320db7244f6a56e8a03
Kirill Abrazhevich,
CSS Hero

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