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Back in 2014, in a workshop far far away, we, as a group of design thinking fans, were in search of a perfect tool that would help us create engaging and actionable customer journey maps. The two main approaches back then were either passing paper maps to graphic designers for pimping up or spending hours messing with spreadsheets or slides. Neither was a good option as we wanted professional-looking and presentable documents, but we also wanted them fast.

That’s when the idea of UXPressia was born. We wanted a tool to be simple enough for beginners to hit the ground running without fear of the blank page that used to paralyze us when we were just starting off, yet it had to be powerful enough to help professionals with more complex tasks. A tool that provided a common framework and worked as a bridge getting insights across teams.

We created UXPressia to make our job easier. We hope it makes yours easier too.

Yuri VedeninYuri Vedenin
Yuri Vedenin
Anastasia SchebrovaAnastasia Schebrova
Anastasia Schebrova
Chief Experience Officer
Stas SlunkovStas Slunkov
Stas Slunkov
Seasonal UXPressia Developer
Iryna ZdanevichIryna Zdanevich
Iryna Zdanevich
Creativity Master
Kirill AbrazhevichKirill Abrazhevich
Kirill Abrazhevich
Overlord of Technologies
Sergey KhvalSergey Khval
Sergey Khval
JS Jedi
Arthur McCayArthur McCay
Arthur McCay
Head of Customer Success
Nina TsarykovichNina Tsarykovich
Nina Tsarykovich
Customer Success Agent
Yanna KarbushevYanna Karbushev
Yanna Karbushev
Financial doctor

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