Personas online tool

Design with humans in mind and get customer loyalty in return
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Flexible Persona canvas

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Over 20 tailored sections to encompass your target audience knowledge in the best possible way: from persona name, photo, backstory up to browser/devices usage, skills, and influencers images. Rearrange the content and play with the sections widths to get the perfect output for your project.

Name generator

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Ever been stuck on the name for your persona? Guess what - now you can use the benefits of names generator right from Personas Online. Pick the gender and the country of your persona and get a natural-sounding first and last name.

Photo generator

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Everyone knows how persona photo awakens empathy. If you don’t have your own photographer or premium stock photo account enjoy the set of hundreds of people photos we grabbed from brilliant

Compare personas

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We have 4 view modes in Personas Online: one, two, three and even four personas per sheet. Use them to compare personas you have, see the differences between their behavioral patterns and find inspiration for your products and services. Don’t leave anyone behind!

Persona temperaments

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Is your persona rational, artisan, guardian or idealist? Personality affects how people interact with products and services. Even eye-tracking results differ for these groups. And guess what? We have built-in bits of advice how to design for each group to make it effective.


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Save your personas as a lovely PNG or printer-friendly high-resolution PDF to use it offline. Combined with different view modes export allows you to see several personas next to each other. Don’t waste any more time for making personas look beautiful: let UXPressia do it for you.