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New to Personas tehcnique?
New to Personas tehcnique? Take the Personas Fundamentals course!

Personas Tool Features

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate on personas creation with the stakeholders in real time. Whether it's a workshop with a distributed team or a last-minute edit before an important presentation, all updates will show on the fly across all devices.

Persona type & market size

Choose from 4 existing types or define your own to differentiate between user, buyer, and customer personas. Set their market size and a color accent to easily tell them apart.

Compare personas

Use a multi-persona view to compare different customer profiles, play with layouts, spot the differences between behavioral patterns and traits, and find insights.

Name generator

Get natural sounding first and last names for your personas based on their gender and origin to save yourself precious minutes when working on global-market projects.

Photo generator

Nothing awakens empathy more than a good photo in the appropriate context. Get an authentic photo that will match your persona in a click by using our photo generator.

Over 50 channels

With both digital and offline channels, ranging from voice assistants and wearables to print outs and staff, you can highlight the best means by which to reach out to your customers in the omnichannel world.

Custom sliders

Use intuitive and customizable sliders to visually highlight differences between personas. Show their skills, preferences, and traits, and keep them in mind when making design decisions.


Incorporate your customer-research findings on device and browser usage to ensure that you are delivering a consistent customer experience across different platforms and devices.

Branded export

Export your persona as a scalable PDF, PNG, CSV, or PPTX file to print at home or your office. Add some brand flavor to the personas be it your company’s or client’s logo, brand color, or website link.

Presentation mode

Present your customer personas right from your browser online. It's just like good old slides - quickly switch between all of your customer experience assets with smooth navigation, full screen, and theme toggles — everything you need to make a perfect pitch.

Embed code

Integrate live chunks of data via embed code right into your personas. No matter if it's a design prototype, audio file, video, or presentation, it will update automatically in our persona creation tool every time something changes.

Try our online course on creating personas

Try for free our practice-based course on personas to learn how to create effective personas backed by research and advanced segmentation. Get an electronic certificate of completion to share with your LinkedIn network and add to your CV.

Try our online course on creating personas