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Create visually appealing, professional personas with no design and technical skills. Everything you need to manage and organize all of your personas is right here in UXPressia’s online persona generator tool.

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UXPressia’s personas maker is a big time saver for me. It offers a simpleway of building personas: I just fill in the blanks in a template and then export the output.

Jason Foss
Jason Foss,
Certified Branding Strategist at Almost Anything

Enjoy instant collaboration on personas from anywhere

Easily share your personas with teammates and people outside the team. Post text and voice comments, start discussion threads, add stickers to speak your mind, and dot vote during online sessions or asynchronically.

Whether it’s a workshop with a distributed team or a last-minute edit before an important presentation, all changes will show on the fly across all devices.

Quickly export your personas

Customize persona templates to your needs

Design your own template for customer profiles, change the structure easily, experiment with landscape and portrait layouts, and find the best representation for your research data.

In the creator, choose from 20+ sections with different content types:

  •  Text
  •  Graphs
  •  Charts
  •  Sliders
  •  Icons
  •  Videos
  •  Images
  •  Documents
  •  Embed
  •  Touchpoints
Customize persona templates to your needs

Highlight differences between personas and get audience insights

Give your personas a personality: choose from preset personality types or define your own. Differentiate between user, buyer, and customer personas and better understand their behavior, mindset, emotions, and motivations.

Quickly export your personas
Quickly export your personas

Get a quick overview of how large the market is for each of your persona. Compare personas' skills, preferences, and traits separately or on one screen and keep them visual with minimal text.

No blank page fear. Ever

Find a customer, employee, or user persona template in our templates library and modify it to your project needs.

Spend less time on routine tasks

Use name and photo generators in the persona builder to get help with giving your persona a realistic name and adding a relatable photo to their profile.

Spend less time on routine tasks
Lane Davidson
Lane Davidson

Power personas with visual and real-time data

Integrate live chunks of data right into your personas. No matter if it's a design prototype, audio file, video, or presentation, it will update automatically in our persona creation tool every time something changes.

Represent persona-specific data in a meaningful and visual way using charts. Help your teammates, boss, or client understand large quantities of information and the relationships between its parts.

Power personas with visual and real-time data

Want to know how UXPressia can help you with creating personas?

Want to know how UXPressia can help you with creating personas?

Replace words with visual elements

With 160+ digital and offline channels highlight the best means to reach out to your customer or user in the omnichannel world. Set up your own channels to reflect your service or product more precisely.

Incorporate research findings on device and browser usage to ensure that you are delivering a consistent customer experience across different platforms and devices.

Add images, photos, screenshots, custom illustrations or those from UXPressia’s Storyboard Gallery to explain important details with visual aids.

Replace words with visual elements

Quickly export your personas

Export your persona as scalable PDF, PNG, CSV files or PPTX slides to print at home or your office. Add some brand flavor to the personas be it your company’s or client’s logo, brand color, or website link.

Quickly export your personas

Get your team on board with persona creation

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