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What we want to learn

Every bit of your feedback is valuable. What kind of projects do you work on and what role does UXPressia play in them? What frustrates and what motivates you? What helps and what hinders your performance?

UXPressia researchers constantly run new studies and collect your feedback to answer these and many other questions and make sure our tools meet your needs. Help us make the changes that matter.

How to participate

1. Sign up

Fill out our survey so that we invite you to studies that match your activities and interests. The more information you provide, the better are the chances that our research team will contact you.

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2. Get picked

If you're a potential match for an upcoming study, one of our researchers will email you an invitation and a simple questionnaire. Answer the questions and we will let you know whether you are selected. Don’t get upset if you didn’t get selected - we have dozens of different studies and chances are you’ll get into another one!

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3. Participate

We run all of our studies online so you’ll be able to participate from the comfort of your own office or home. It doesn’t matter which country you live in, since all our research is remote. We may offer you a token of our appreciation when you complete a study. We value your privacy and treat any personal information you disclose with great care. Read our Privacy Policy .

Participate in user research

What type of research we do

User interviews

User interviews

We conduct interviews to learn about your experience with UXPressia and your day-to-day challenges. You will speak one on one with a UX Researcher via audio or video conference. An interview typically takes 1 hour.



A survey is an online questionnaire you need to fill out. It normally takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Beta testing

Beta testing

Be the first one to try our new features. Provide your feedback and help us improve our release.

Usability testing

Usability testing

We will ask you to perform several short tasks using UXPressia or another online tool and describe what you are thinking and feeling while doing it. You will speak one on one with a UX Researcher. The test typically takes 1 hour.

Diary studies

Diary studies

During a diary study you complete a set of tasks prepared by the researcher on your own. We may ask you to indicate how often you used UXPressia or its particular features, document the challenges you face during a project day by day etc. Diary studies can span over one or several weeks but you will only need 10-15 minutes at a time to complete a task.

What are the perks?

Early access to beta features
Direct comunication with the UXPressia team
Your feedback is heard and put to action
Discounts, coupons and gift cards
The opportunity to win UXPressia swag
Behind-the-scenes look at UXPressia user research

Participate and Make a Difference

Can’t accept gifts or feel like putting your participation reward to a good cause? It’s up to you to donate the amount we offer for taking part in our studies to charity. Just say the word and we’ll take care of it.

Every few months we try to find new charities you can help. Feel strongly about a different cause?

Join our user research group, participate in a study and suggest a charity you want to support. We’ll do our best to go with your choice.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I participate if I am under 18?

  • Do I have to be a registered user?

  • Do I have to participate in all types of studies?

  • What will you do with my personal information?

  • Can I participate if I don’t have a lot of experience with CJMs / Personas / Impact maps?

  • How often will you email me?

  • Can I leave the User Research Group?