Marketing journey mapping platform

Have a bird-eye view of the buyer journey, up to conversion and beyond, with marketing journey mapping.

Ignite other departments to enhance customer awareness, retention, and loyalty by focusing on your messaging, content, and product usage.

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One of the charms of UXPressia is simplicity. I didn’t have to learn how to use the software. I just started building my customer journey and I think it’s one of the quickest tools I have used.”

Liisa Kaupmees
Liisa Kaupmees,
Chief Marketing Officer at Loquiz

Put marketing personas into action

Take advantage of detailed marketing persona profiles that provide great insights into your target audience and customer expectations.

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  • Base your marketing campaigns upon data-rich persona profiles.
  • Tailor your content, marketing, and sales strategies to meet the needs, desires, and interests of your personas.
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  • Compare and present your marketing personas in the All Personas view.
  • Build actionable customer journey maps with multiple personas to visualize interactions between them and identify common grounds in their experiences to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Humanize your marketing

Fill in the blanks in your audience’s knowledge with marketing personas. Use the information about target audience segments and research data to create persona profiles and find the voice that resonates with them.

Understand your personas’ goals to address their needs, optimize your marketing funnel for the customer journey, and help your personas do their jobs throughout their journeys, generating more leads, increasing conversion, driving loyalty, and improving your marketing ROI.

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Free marketing journey mapping set

Everything you need to create a marketing customer journey map:

  • 10 SVG images to use in your personas and customer journey maps

  • 3 prefilled customer journey mapping examples for your inspiration

  • Marketing icons set

downloadable set of marketing journey mapping resources

Marketing customer journey maps and persona templates

Fancy a ready-to-go customer journey map template? Or maybe designer-quality customer and buyer persona templates based on market research and full of ideas on where to start and go with your customer journey mapping process? We have it all. 10+ industries, 100+ personas and maps.

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Create professional-looking marketing journey maps

You don’t need extra tools to prepare your work for sharing or presenting to other people.

marketing journey map design

Make your marketing journey maps more graspable and appealing with ready-to-go color schemes that paint your stages with just one click.

illustrating a marketing customer journey

Describe marketing persona journeys with a rich Storyboard library with dozens of color and black-and-white illustrations for different industries and cases.

visualizing customer emotions

Visualize channels with default and custom icons, enhance readability with formatting tricks, and reflect your audience’s feelings in the emotional graph.

adding marketing touchpoints to a map

Put your personas’ touchpoints on the map to get a complete picture of every touchpoint throughout the journey, and use them to guide your marketing decisions.

Leverage data-driven marketing journey mapping

Back up your marketing journey map with extra data dimensions

marketing data chart examples

Present key metrics and research data in the most visual way with pie and bar charts in a dedicated map section.

getting marketing funnel data

Track conversion changes across stages by pulling data from web analytics tools (e.g., Mixpanel).

attaching documents to a journey map

Spice up your marketing journey maps with market reports, surveys, and other important documents.

embedding relevant data to a marketing journey map

Embed survey results or other important information like product or service prototypes into your map.

Switch between different levels of detail

Tune your map content to specific audiences, depending on the level of detail they need.

Display the entire customer journey with all channels and touchpoints, pain points, etc., or focus on particular customer journey stages (e.g., buying journey) or map parts using the Views functionality.

creating different marketing map views

Link related maps (e.g., a high-level map and a journey map for marketing) to quickly navigate between them.

linking a marketing journey map with other maps

They rely on us

Shay Yufa Laserson
Shay Yufa Laserson,
Customer Experience & Digital Marketing Strategist at EnlightBulb Marketing Consulting

Where do I start? Great value, great customer support, the amazing people who work for you and lastly, let's be honest, you offer a flawless product with the attention to detail you can expect from Apple! Enough said?

Verónica Reyero
Verónica Reyero,
Co-Founder of Antropología 2.0

There are so many freelancers from different backgrounds losing so many hours a day to create good-looking journey maps and whatsoever... By using UXPressia, they can use their time reflecting on what insightful content to add rather than making it look good.

Danielle Wipperfurth,
Danielle Wipperfurth,,
Brand and Customer Experience Consultant

UXPressia is easy-to-use and provides the perfect level of depth and customizability. I love being able to create client-ready, visually engaging journey maps without a designer. The chat support is also super helpful. Haven’t found anything else on the market like it.

Francesca M.
Francesca M.,
CX Manager

Beautiful Journey Mapping Software. Pros: The easy to use platform means creating highly visual, customizable and engaging Personas and Customer Journey maps is an enjoyable part of my role and has helped me embed CX and design thinking across my organisation. Cons: I wish I had more Personas included in my plan!

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