Build better CX with Chunks

Arrange your CX insights in a structured way. Seamlessly transition from organizing your research findings to mapping out customer journeys and implementing solutions.





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Build your research repository

  • Centralize your customer insights in one place and format.
  • Use the research repository as the source of truth to align all your teams.
  • Trace your findings back to the original research data in no time to support your journeys and personas with evidence.
using CX chunks in a persona

Discover common patterns across different journeys

  • Uncover the most critical pain points your customers face and gain profound insights on their experiences
  • Connect your customers’ journeys, problems, and solutions.
journey maps with chunks

Turn your journey maps into roadmaps and task lists

  • Convert ideas and opportunities into defined tasks for your team.
  • Prioritize your efforts based on business and customer values.
  • Clearly define task ownership and status to track the improvements' progress.
using chunks in a journey map

Connect journeys, problems and opportunities into hierarchies

  • Navigate between high-level overviews and detailed insights.
  • Streamline your workflow by linking tasks directly to specific journeys.
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