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Quickly get a starting point for further refinement with AI-generated customer persona profiles based on your input.

Expand and improve your customer persona profiles

Expand and improve your customer persona profiles

Augment your AI-driven personas with industry data, regional or country specifics, and custom details in no time.

Get help with the text part of your persona by having it proofread or improved right in the persona editor.

Expand and improve your customer persona profiles

Build your personas in UXPressia’s online persona generator

AI generates persona content and a photo based on your input. Your job is to adapt the AI-generated persona to your business case, make necessary adjustments, and supplement it with additional research to validate and ensure accuracy.

John, Procurement Manager
Maxine, CEO of Machine Minds
Tanya, the Fashionable Explorer
mma the Explorer
David, the Work-at-Home Coffee Lover
First-Time Felicia

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