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New CJM Templates: Real Estate, Taxi, Soft and Cinema


Another load of CJM templates for our lovely template hub is here! We’ve created 4 new templates for you to enjoy. No need to go through pains of staring at a blank sheet. We’ve gone through this for you to save you time and energy. So meet customer journey templates for real estate, taxi companies, software, and cinema!

Update: Up Up and Undo!


Another release. And a pretty huge one. A new dashboard design, restoring deleted projects and project files (!), new social icons and a better export for CJM. And a moment of glory for UXPressia team. All of that in this update.

Want a 6 months Pro Subscription for free?


Today we’re launching a contest where we’ll be giving away 3 subscriptions to UXPressia Pro plan. One, three and six months of all pro features for a case study from you! Dead serious. Just read on!

How to Create a Persona in 7 Steps – A Guide with Examples


In this article we’ll go through the entire process of creating a persona. Step-by-step, we’ll be adding new sections until we reach our final destination – a production-ready, insightful persona. You’ll be able to use it as a reference for making personas of your own in the future!

Customer Journey Map – Step-by-Step Guide with Examples


Up until this moment, we’ve talked CJM through; what it is, why and when to use it, how not to mess it up and so on and so forth. There’s one thing we saved for later though. And that is a detailed step-by-step guide to customer journey map creation. Let’s fix this here and now, […]

6 Cases When You Need to Create an Impact Map


When should you create an impact map? If you read our previous articles covering the concept of Impact Mapping and how to create impact maps, you might’ve asked this question. This technique is simple, yet so powerful, has quite a few applications and we’ll try to uncover most of them in this post.