Customer Experience Solutions for Education

Integrate professional design software into the class experience to boost student learning, encourage collaboration, and support success in education. We offer special pricing for everyone in education, from individual students and teachers to entire institutions.

Customer Experience Solutions for Education

UXPressia for Educators

Bring UXPressia to the classroom, online or offline, to empower your students to start applying the principles of design thinking, so they develop professional and practical skills that benefit their future career. Keep all of your student projects in one place, monitor student activities, and reduce paperwork by leaving online comments — all for free for the duration of your course.

UXPressia for Educators

Our customers speak up

Glenn J. Platt
Glenn J. Platt,
C. Michael Armstrong Chair in Emerging Media at Miami University

I have my students do different certifications like Google and Hootsuite so that they have a competitive advantage when looking for a job. They also took the CJM Fundamentals course at UXPA, and UXPressia’s platform aided them with learning. My students get hung up with the visuals when building personas and experience maps, and the platform eliminates that pain point.

Emer Cahill
Emer Cahill,
Instructor at Galway Mayo Institute Of Technology

I teach a course where, final year engineering students develop new business ideas during one semester, which is usually the first time when they meet marketing concepts. UXPressia enabled my students to see their businesses from a customer perspective. The software is very user-friendly and intuitive. I introduced the concept of journey mapping and the UXPressia package to the class, and they began to produce professional customer journey maps and personas within the first 2-hour session. The students enjoyed using UXPressia and immediately realized how it gave them new insights into their business ideas.

Noémie Lemaire
Noémie Lemaire,
Lecturer at Université Laval

It was great having the opportunity to try UXPressia with my class. I have a lot of students from different backgrounds who have no experience with design software (Adobe). UXPressia is so easy to use and intuitive. My students can support their user research with proper materials (journey map, personas, etc.). They also like how easy it is to customize almost everything.

Anfisa Bogomolova
Anfisa Bogomolova,
UX design trainer at UX for Freelancers

UXPressia is a perfect hub for keeping user research insights together in one spot. When you have hundreds of students, it's very convenient that you don't have to open different tabs, PDFs, and sublinks to leave comments. And if you're running mentoring programs, you can also group these projects into folders inside the tool.

William F. Humphrey, Jr.
William F. Humphrey, Jr.,
Assistant Professor of Marketing at Florida International University

Prior to finding UXPressia, my students did customer journey mapping in Powerpoint, which was acceptable but not optimal. The ability to map out each phase of the customer journey, including complex stages where decisions are not linear, is a powerful option. Additionally, the tool is simple to use, and students really get the idea and opportunities they have building robust customer journeys!

Angel Velasquez
Angel Velasquez,
Part-time Professor at UPC

The UXPressia platform provided us with a great set of UX templates, becoming a fantastic companion in our efforts to teach software engineering students the UX design process, best practices, and the tools they can use. That is complemented with a product team always ready to help and listen to ideas for improving the product and extending its feature set.

Richard Anthony L. Cruz
Richard Anthony L. Cruz,
Associate Professor at AIM

I have been using UXPressia since 2016. I'm a big fan of this platform and have used it with many students. And I'm going to introduce more students to your platform pretty soon. Now that I know about the UXPressia for Education initiative, I'm going to integrate UXPressia in all the brand and marketing management programs I'm currently designing.

UXPressia for Students

We are passionate about education, and we support the student community by providing one month of UXPressia PRO to students to help them push their design skills to the next level. Get access to the software used by industry leaders worldwide to work on your projects, produce visual representations of your ideas, and share them with your classmates and teachers.

UXPressia for Students

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