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Customer Experience Mapping Platform

UXPressia makes it easy to collaborate on customer experience insights. Keep CX data in one place, work with the team, and determine what needs improvement to unlock opportunities for business growth.

Customer Experience Mapping Platform
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Build a centralized customer experience repository

  • All your CX assets are in one place, with clear statuses and ownership;
  • A single source of truth for all stakeholders — from a big picture to micro journeys.
Build a centralized customer experience repository

UXPressia offers a comprehensive platform for managing the customer experience, covering all stages from ideation to delivery. It can help organizations improve their CX assets and processes, contributing to a better overall customer experience and digital transformation efforts.

Fernando Cera
Fernando Cera,
Founder of Spark Design Thinking Studio

Break down silos and connect teams

  • Create a sustainable CX improvement process;
  • Align people from different parts of your organization;
  • Collaborate on journey maps and personas from any part of the world.
Break down silos and connect teams

The easy-to-use platform means creating highly visual, customizable, and engaging personas and customer journey maps is an enjoyable part of my role and has helped me embed CX and design thinking across my organization.

Francesca M.,
CX Manager
Overall Rating

Standardize your mapping

  • Make every customer journey map and persona consistent and on-brand;
  • Save time on building maps and personas by introducing templates and using team libraries.
Standardize your mapping

UXPressia is a game-changer. Our journey mapping processes involved a mix of documents in different formats and storage solutions. With UXPressia, we solved this problem. It became one digital environment for all our maps and personas. I like that the platform is easy to use, the templates it offers, and the ability to brand maps and personas and export them to different formats like PDF.

Rachel Siegle
Rachel Siegle,
Customer Experience Consultant at Caterpillar Inc.

Create professional journey maps

  • Produce designer-quality customer journey maps quickly;
  • Tweak your customer journey and customer experience maps to present to different people, highlighting the most important details, experience gaps, and insights.

Download export examples: PNG, PDF, CSV, and PPTX.

Create professional journey maps

We first used Excel spreadsheets to map journeys. But when we found a neat tool called UXPressia that makes maps a lot easier to create and more visually appealing, we switched to it.

Karl Sharicz
Karl Sharicz,
CEO at HorizonCX

Get up to speed by using our templates

Over 100 customer journey map, impact map, and persona templates for different cases in our Templates Library will help you focus on the content and spend less time thinking about the format.

Customer journey map manufacturing
Call center b2b customer journey map
Michael sanchez young professional
Bespoke manufacturing healthcare impact map
End to end employee journey map
Customer success persona
Young family, New Insurance

I highly recommend this platform to any user research specialist looking for a quick and effective way to create personas and user journey maps. It is a valuable addition to any research toolkit.

Shira Ben-Cohen
Shira Ben-Cohen,
UX Researcher and Designer at Intel Corporation

Bring your customer journey map to life

Back up your customer journey map with real-time data and spare yourself from having to do manual input:

  • Get data from web analytics tools that integrate with our customer journey software;
  • Embed website, product, or service prototypes, marketing presentations, survey results, whiteboards, and other information.
Bring your customer journey map to life

Love the UXPressia platform! We’ve used it to fundamentally change the way we identify personas and map out their journeys. The analytics tie in is an amazing feature as well. Really love the platform and the UX that supports it.

Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson,
Growth Manager at Arc Reactions Inc.

Built for your industry

Discover how our solutions meet the unique customer journey mapping needs of industry-specific cases.

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