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How Captivation Agency runs successful digital projects with UXPressia


Captivation Agency was founded in 2004 and is located in Sarasota, Florida. It specializes in graphic design and visual storytelling, user interface optimization, and delivering client-focused video production services. Captivation Agency works with nonprofit organizations, government contractors, and for-profit organizations — including Fortune 500 businesses. 

“Our company is large enough to move the needs of our clients forward while being small enough to care about every interaction we have with them. Our values are hard work, exceptional customer service, and long-term relationships,” says Alex Garcia, UX/UI Specialist at Captivation Agency.

The challenge

Captivation Agency’s UX team actively uses customer journey maps and personas to understand various audiences better and improve their experience with the products and services.

“We use a combination of personas as well as journey maps whenever possible at the ideation stage of each project. They help us find the right approach to the problems we need to solve with the project we’re working on.”

Unlike the smooth journeys that Captivation Agency helped build for their clients’ end-users, not everything went smoothly with their own journey of building maps and personas.

The team had to ask for external help every time they needed to convert a journey map or persona draft into a pixel-perfect design in Photoshop to share it with the client. The same thing happened when they wanted to make even a small change in map or persona content.

To save time and optimize their work, the UX team decided to find a professional journey mapping tool that would allow them to take the design part into their own hands and started to look for it.

The solution

The search was successful. The company came across UXPressia, watched the tutorial video, enjoyed what they saw, and created an account.

Since then, UX team has been creating designer-quality personas and customer journey maps by themselves without any external help. Instantly, they realized the newfound efficiencies of having all assets housed in one tool, with the ability to easily edit and share the resulting pieces without the need for assistance from other departments or teams.

After presenting their work to a client, the agency exports personas and maps as PDF files and sends them to the client so that they can check a digital file or print them. If there’s some feedback and a persona or map needs to be adjusted, Captivation Agency goes back to the platform, makes changes, exports an updated file, and sends it to the client again.

How it goes

One of the recent projects was for their long-standing client, a local youth-serving nonprofit organization. 

This organization came in with a request to rebuild their old website as they started rebranding. To meet their customers' needs, and fill in the website with relevant content, they needed something to rely on. Something based on the information about their customers: their goals, motivations, frustrations, pain points, etc.

Captivation Agency came up with accurate customer personas and mapped the journey for each persona to ensure the project’s success.

“We have come to understand that although the client is (initially) measuring us against the beautiful interface we have crafted for them, we are ultimately measured against how well the interface we’ve built delivers the desired action for their end-user. That’s what makes these other assets so important.”

The UX team mapped how the personas would use the new website while tailoring the content of the associated pages to resonate with each specific persona.

“We identified the frictionless journey for each persona and shared them with the marketing team as well as key stakeholders within the organization. These resulting pieces also helped to inform the future content and (or) collateral creation for these key users.”

The result was not long in coming—the number of unique website visitors per month increased by 13.5 times during the first month. 

Analytics screenshots show the number of unique visitors before launching a new site (October 2020) and after it (December 2020)

The plans

UXPressia continues to be the tool that Captivation Agency uses every day.

“We can't imagine our current process without UXPressia. It’s truly a versatile tool regardless of project state. We love it!”

Soon, the agency will perform a yearly content audit. They are going to refine their ideal client persona and adjust the content and user experience as they grow and evolve as an agency. And they will do it with the help of UXPressia. 

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