UXPressia Cheat Cards

We created cheat card decks covering different aspects of journey mapping, from building personas to domain-specific tips. The decks are available in PDF for free download. So go ahead, print them out, and use our cards at your next workshop or brainstorming session.

UXPressia Cheat Cards

Meet UXPressia cheat card decks

  • Persona cheat cards

    Persona cheat cards

    This card deck educates on building insightful personas and what data sources to rely on to get valuable insights.

  • CJM cheat cards

    CJM cheat cards

    This deck will help your team brainstorm service ideas and improvements and identify potential barriers and pain points on the customer journey.

  • CJM stages cards

    CJM stages cards

    This deck gives an overview of the interaction stages of a typical customer journey and provides useful tips for each stage.

  • Idea generation strategies

    Idea generation strategies

    This deck will help you make your journey mapping workshops and brainstorming sessions more productive.

  • Healthcare cheat cards

    Healthcare cheat cards

    Co-created with Patient Journey Lab, this deck covers a typical patient journey and offers handy tips for all journey stages.

  • Finance cheat cards

    Finance cheat cards

    This to-be-released card deck focuses on a typical banking journey and contains tips for all the journey stages.

Cheat card Downloads

Persona cheat cards

This card deck is a great jumping-off point for those who want to get started with building personas. We color-coded the Personas deck so that each card indicates a specific aspect of the persona.

We used the red color for the most important and frequently used cards, green cards come second in importance, and blue cards are the least used due to their specificity.

Persona cheat cards

Customer journey mapping cheat cards

This deck comes in handy when you need to brainstorm ideas and improvements for a service and identify potential barriers and pain points on the user journey.

All cards are packed with useful tips divided into seven logical groups: Process, Time, Mistakes, Costs, Channels/touchpoints, People, and Past.

Use this deck when you are out of improvement ideas and need some inspiration to move forward.

Customer journey mapping cheat cards

Customer journey stages cheat cards

We divided journey map stages in this deck into three high-level groups: before customers even know that a service or product exists; when they get familiar with it; when they already have some experience with the service or product and start considering their next steps.

Each card gives useful tips for a specific stage, including advice on increasing brand awareness, generating more leads, increasing customer satisfaction, preventing customer churn, etc.

Customer journey stages cheat cards

Journey mapping idea generation strategies

This deck is for journey mappers who need help with generating ideas for their maps. You can use it at journey mapping workshops and individual and team brainstorming sessions.

In the deck, you will find framing questions to boost your inspiration and get ideas flowing like never before. The cards come into nine categories like problem-solving, process optimization, and brand alignment.

Journey mapping idea generation strategies

Healthcare journey mapping cards

This deck was designed together with Patient Journey Lab, leveraging their first-hand experience in patient journey mapping. It not only contains cards with typical stages of a patient journey but also provides tips for the stage on each card.

The deck is a domain-specific version of the customer journey stages deck.

Healthcare journey mapping cards

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