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Сustomer journey mapping and personas templates

Not sure how to get started with your customer journey mapping project? Start with exploring our free customer journey map template library, where you will find a multitude of templates for different domains, from services to CX and business tools.

These CJM templates can become a source of inspiration that gets your creative juices flowing, or you can turn them into a starting point for your project — each of the templates is ready to go. You can copy the ones you like best to your workspace and customize them to your needs.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Discovering CX flaws and taking measures to eliminate them, banking, finance, and insurance companies can gain a competitive advanta...

Travel & Tourism

What do you do to deliver a premium customer experience to the travelers you work with? It’s time to make their customer journey shi...

Real Estate

CX is everything when it comes to real estate. Map their journey with your business to make sure that it is memorable in a good way....

Healthcare & Well-Being

Improve patient experiences to provide your patients with better outcomes, ultimately inspiring their loyalty and never-ending trust...

Leisure & Entertainment

Are you selling tickets or experiences? Put customer experience at the center of your business, and you'll win customers’ hearts.


In business, the customer has always been central. Uncover gaps and hidden opportunities you never knew about with journey mapping.

CX/Business Tools

Everyone deserves a little help on the road to success. These templates will help you with personas, empathy maps & service blue...

Government & Nonprofit

Clarify your mission, understand what really matters to your customers, and determine all the gaps you need to close to serve them b...

Education & Career

Visualizing the journey of job candidates, your employees, students, or educators can help you improve their experience with you.

Shopping & Purchases

Looking to boost your sales or create loyal customers? Or are you about to open a new store? Customer journey mapping is here to hel...


In the service industry, customers have the upper hand when it comes to decision-making. Create a customer-first strategy to win.


Create digital personas based on your knowledge and research and map their journeys in detail to learn how to deliver top-notch CX.


Transport is all about people, not vehicles. Let your customers take the driver’s seat by offering them what they expect from you.

Nothing seems to fit? No worries! Just tell us what you need, and our black belt mappers will craft the perfect sheath for your map!
Journey mapping best practices
Looking for best practices to create a map that works for you? Check out CJM Fundamentals course.