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Education & Career

Students and teachers, employees, and job candidates — they all deserve great experiences with organizations where they learn, teach, and work.

But ensuring a smooth experience throughout, for instance, the whole employee or college student lifecycle is challenging. Start with mapping experiences. Having a CJM in front of you, you will be able to determine areas for improvement and develop action plans based on it.

Looking for a way to attract better candidates? Create a career journey map for your company to make sure that you do everything right at all stages of your recruitment cycle. Have problems with finding students for your online course? Build an educational journey map for it, and you’ll understand why it happens and how you can fix that.

Need inspiration for your education or career journey map? Take a look at our templates below.

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CJM for Education
Employee Journey Map
Sales Rep Journey Map
Job Application Journey (Hiring Process)
Job Applicant Journey Map
First Office Job Journey Map
College graduate job seeker persona
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