Employee Journey Mapping

Excellent customer experience starts with great employee experience.

Leverage employee journey mapping to identify gaps in your employees’ experience and make them more engaged and productive.

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Employee Journey Mapping

Segment and scope employee journeys

Each group of your employees has a unique set of goals, pain points, and motivations.

Find the right lens to look at their experience: turn them into personas based on their journey stage, job role, location, or events.

Improve patient and provider experiences

Look at the same journey from different perspectives

View the big picture to see the sum of all the employee's experiences during their time with your organization or focus on specific journey stages (e.g., job search or onboarding) to get more insights.

Switch between panoramic and up-close perspectives using different map Views you previously set up.

Improve patient and provider experiences

Download a free employee journey mapping set

Everything you need to create an employee journey map for your project:

  • Employee journey mapping whitepaper with trends and tips

  • 100 svg images to use in your map

  • 32 employee journey icons

Free employee journey mapping set

Employee journey map templates

A journey of each employee is unique but all employee journeys have much in common. Check out what we have to offer to help you get started with your own map.

Employee persona example
Employee journey map example
Online employee persona example
Remote employee journey example

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They rely on us

Nancy Anderson-Semple
Nancy Anderson-Semple,
Principal CX/UX Consultant, Waters Corporation

We realize that our customer’s experience with our brand is often the result of the collaboration of employees from across the organization who are involved in defining and delivering that experience. Therefore, it is important that in addition to the customer’s experience, we finetune existing and future employee experiences across the organization as they interact with each other, with our tools, and through our processes to ensure our customers’ success with our products and services. The product we use to help us do that is UXPressia. It provides us with integrated journey mapping and persona features that our staff can quickly use to visualize and discuss internal and external pain points that will ultimately have a direct impact on the customer. You will find that UXPressia is easy to learn and use – and the support staff is always available when you have questions. Through their templates, online training modules, shared repositories for your team, multi persona capabilities, and features like the ability to view and generate output of selected sections of a journey map, UXPressia will quickly become a staple of your CX/UX efforts. It’s a great product - I highly recommend it!

Elena Rozanova
Elena Rozanova,
CX Lead, Lloyd’s Register

I found UXPressia when I worked at Colliers International. I was looking for a tool that would enable us to quickly and easily create customer journey maps without involving designers. We very soon upgraded our account to PRO to leverage the advanced functionality. I love the ease of use and functionality of the platform. And special kudos to the customer support team for being very quick with responses.

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