Patient & Provider Journey Mapping

Deliver transparent, personalized, and value-driven experiences throughout the healthcare journey.

Help caregivers and providers remove care barriers, enhance interactions, and achieve better health outcomes.

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Healthcare Journey Mapping

Improve patient and provider experiences

Healthcare journeys are touchpoint-intensive and interaction-rich, with multiple stakeholders being involved.

Put UXPressia into use to visualize all the touchpoints and interactions on one map and get a complete view of the whole patient journey.

Set up custom views to switch between provider and patient perspectives or zoom in and zoom out interactions to get maximum insights and uncover the ways to deliver a better experience.

Improve patient and provider experiences

Free healthcare journey mapping set

Everything you need to create a healthcare customer journey map:

  • Healthcare journey mapping whitepaper with trends and tips

  • 10 svg images to use in your healthcare journey map

  • Healthcare journey mapping cheat cards deck

  • 24 healthcare icons

Free healthcare journey mapping set

Make the patient experience personal

Patients are much more vulnerable than customers and have less choice and control over the situation.

In UXPressia’s Personas tool, you can capture your patient’s needs, goals, motivations, frustrations, as well as all the information, tools, and resources they need to take the next step.

Use this data to build your communication strategy, engage, and educate your patients so that they feel safe, understood, valued, and supported.

Improve patient and provider experiences Improve patient and provider experiences

Save your time with our healthcare templates

Each journey is unique, even if we talk about patient journey mapping in a hospital setting.
But all healthcare journeys do have some things in common. Speed up your mapping
process with our pre-filled healthcare customer journey map templates.

healthcare templates

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Experts rely on us

Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson,
Growth Manager at Arc Reactions Inc.

Love the UXPressia platform! We’ve used it to fundamentally change the way we identify personas and map out their journeys. The analytics tie in is an amazing feature as well. Really love the platform and the UX that supports it.

Marcus Brewer
Marcus Brewer,
Customer Experience Manager at Cincom Systems

UXPressia is a flexible user-friendly intuitive solution that provides a clear understanding of a customer's journey. The tool does an outstanding job of highlighting specific parts of the journey that can be improved upon to enhance the overall customer experience. The use of templates and customizable branding makes exporting Customer Journey Maps and Personas easy for executive presentations.

Ilonka Coenraad
Ilonka Coenraad,
Founder, Patient Journey Lab

I have been working with UXPressia as a tool for patient journey mapping for nearly two years. It really makes work easier! During my years working for Amsterdam UMC, we tried Excel and PowerPoint to map journeys, but that was a lot of work, and the result was poor. Buying a professional license for UXPressia is definitely worth it! The UXPressia team is dedicated, great to work with, and always available for questions and suggestions.

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