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Customer Journey Map (CJM) Online Tool

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Customer Journey Map Templates

We have more than 60 customer journey mapping examples that cover the most popular business domains, from Business to Healthcare. Each category page is full of pre-filled, ready-to-use templates and links to helpful articles.

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Get started with journey mapping
Rui Grilo

I chose UXPressia for its simplicity and ease of use. The time that I spent to get started is minimum which is very good, because I didn’t have much

Rui Grilo,
IT Director at Square Asset Management
Nick de Voil

I use UXPressia as a learning resource in my 'UX for Business Analysts' training course. The clear, intuitive design is easy for students to grasp, they are able to produce beautifully presented customer journey maps in no time, and the product itself is a great example of user-centred design.

Nick de Voil,
Director at De Voil Consulting
Jeff Parks

UXPressia is an essential tool for understanding client engagement in our global, omni-channel world.

Jeff Parks,
Co-Founder at Kina'ole
Nikita Efimov

No more nightmare sessions with sticky notes constantly falling off the wall. Customer Journey Mapping has never been so easy!

Nikita Efimov,
UX Designer at Selectel
Tatyana Avlochinskaya

UXPressia turned out to be a great timesaver during CJM creation, discussion and support.

Tatyana Avlochinskaya,
Product Manager at
Victor Smirnov

I used CJM for Karelia ticket portal. We had the project reviewed in a very fast way with the help of your service.

Victor Smirnov,
Project Manager at Interso
Nóra Kovács-Goda

UXPressia is a great, easy to use visualization tool to create customer journeys which are well structured, transparent and nicely designed. We look forward to trying out the new sheets / products.

Nóra Kovács-Goda,
Project Manager at ULTINOUS

I liked working with this tool very much. It was intuitive, easy to use and navigate, and very customizable. Having all the features it does, and considering things like auto-save, really helped me focus on what I needed to. It was easy enough to create a map, but I can also see the possibilities of making much more complex maps, by using all the features provided.

Information architect at Government Organization
Sebastián Unda

We use CJM from UXPressia because they are a really useful tool, very easy to use and a huge save of time. The templates are a great help because you don't need to start CJM from scratch. It features to represent users emotions, its ease of export and its great design have convinced us.

Sebastián Unda,
UX Consultant at Elastic
Danielle Wipperfurth

UXPressia is easy-to-use and provides the perfect level of depth and customizability. I love being able to create client-ready, visually engaging journey maps without a designer. The chat support is also super helpful. Haven’t found anything else on the market like it.

Danielle Wipperfurth,
Brand and Customer Experience Consultant
Sam Rye

I was absolutely delighted to find UXPressia to help me quickly visualise a number of customer journeys for my Masters of Design. The ease of use and flexibility gives me the confidence to use it with workshop participants to make sense of their common challenges and design solutions together!

Sam Rye,
Founder of Horoeka Creative