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Tanya Levdikova
Head of Content @ UXPressia

New CJM Template: Patient Journey Map


Do you remember your last experience as a patient? Was it a positive one as you spent less than half an hour in a healthcare facility, and everyone was so friendly and helpful? Or was it a nightmare-like as you spent countless hours in a queue to go home without getting any help?

Ilonka Coenraad, the Founder of Patient Journey Lab, suggests using journey mapping to start viewing things from a patient's perspective, understand their needs and emotions, and identify areas for patient experience improvement to deliver better care and outcomes. 

In the patient journey map template that she kindly created for UXPressia, you will find multiple stages full of valuable insights, the description of typical problems, country-specific data and tips, and a load of ideas for patient experience improvement. 

patient journey map template by Ilonka

The template visualizes the healthcare journey of Robin. It starts when Robin understands that something is wrong with her and ends when she gets back to work after a long treatment and recovery period. 

The template also includes some general tips that can be applied to all stages of Robin's journey. Ready to learn more? 

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