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Leisure & Entertainment

In the entertainment and leisure industry, customer experience is what makes or breaks a business. Keeping your customers entertained is not enough. You need to keep them happy, and you can achieve that by putting them at the center of your business to deliver the best possible experience every time they interact with you.

Your customers go through different stages, and taking a full view of their journey by creating, say, a leisure customer journey map that illustrates how they engage with your business will provide you with plenty of insights on how you can serve them better.

Take a look at our CJM, impact map, and persona templates for restaurants, coffee stores, conferences, and other entertainment and leisure organizations. Use them as they are or feel free to edit.

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CJM for Games
CJM for Restaurants
Restaurant CJM with Storyboard
CJM for Cinema
CJM for Museum
CJM for Offline Conference
Christmas CJM
CJM for Valentine’s Day
Christmas JM persona
Offline conference visitor persona
Online Event CJM
Online Event Persona
Coffee store impact map
Streaming Service Customer Journey Map
Kenneth, Streaming Service Persona
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