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Public transport is a perfect way of getting to know a new city. You can meet all sorts of people, fall in love or fall in between the bus and the station. And it’s hard to argue that there’s an armful of opportunities for UX improvement in public transportation. We didn’t want to stand aside and made a transport template for mapping your passengers’ journeys.

Please keep clear. UX gaps are closing. The next station is the perfect passenger experience and it's just 5 smiles away.

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Map's Persona

Theo Schneider, 24, Germany

Student, lives in the university campus. Part-time worker in IT company. Uses public transport to get to his office and back to campus. 

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Maps we based on

Links to help you

Our blog to help you start with CJM: https://uxpressia.com/blog

Capturing UX in Public Transportation: http://www.academia.edu/6702609/Travel_Experience_Cards_Capturing_User_Experiences_in_Public_Transpo...

UX in Public Transit: http://adaptivepath.org/ideas/ux-in-public-transit/

Illumitating the Journey: Improving Public Tranzit Rider Experience: http://uxpamagazine.org/illuminating-the-journey/

Improving passangers' experience in public transport: http://www.eesc.europa.eu/?i=portal.en.news.36610