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There’s a well-known link between business success and customer experience, both in B2B and B2C environments.

It can be challenging to ensure customer experience excellence without knowing your buyers well. You have to get into their minds to understand how they engage with your business and learn what you need to improve from a customer experience standpoint.

The best way to do that is to visualize their interactions with your business by building a customer journey map. Breaking down the journey stage by stage and aligning each step with your customer goals is like walking a mile in your customers’ shoes.

We came up with a set of business journey map templates to give your creativity a boost and show you some examples of real maps. If you need help with creating personas for your journey maps, we’ve got some persona templates here as well. Use them as they are to frame your thinking or restructure them according to your project specifics.

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CJM for Manufacturing
CJM for B2B
Email campaign journey map
B2B buyer persona
CJM for Multiple Personas in B2B
Customer service representative CJM
B2B purchaser journey map
B2B customer journey map
B2B buyer journey map
B2B buyer CJM
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