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Travel & Tourism

Travelling and tourism are all about enjoying new moments and having unforgettable experiences. But the travel customer journey has changed dramatically over the last few decades — it’s no longer a simple process with a few stages like reading a brochure, visiting a travel agency office, and booking a tour. The journey is much more complex today as customers research and convert via multiple channels and devices.

To stay in the game, you have to win the hearts and minds of your customers, passengers, and visitors. Journey mapping can become your secret weapon in this endeavor. Building a travel customer journey map, you will be able to truly understand your customers and how you can make their experience with your company or service better.

Feel free to grab our CJM templates for travel and tourism to jump-start your journey mapping project.

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CJM for Avia Travel/Airport
CJM for Travel (for hotels)
CJM for Travel (for agencies)
CJM for City Visitor
In-flight Experience Journey
Booking and Flight Journey Map
Airline Passenger Journey Map
Air Ticket Booking and Flight Customer Journey
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