CJM Template for Real Estate


My realtor sold me a two-story house once. One story before the sale, and another after!

Buying a house or apartments is challenging enough. A buyer might be under a lot of stress, so pushing him to his limits is not the best idea. Keeping the whole process smooth is the key to closing a successful deal. That’s where UX comes into play.

To get into your clients’ shoes you need something powerful. Like customer journey mapping. The good news is that we’ve made it easier for you with this CJM template for real estate agencies and realtors.

It has all the necessary stages you need to map your house buyer’s journey. All that’s left is for you to do is to guide you customers to the house of their dream!

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Florian Fuchs

Florian is a software developer at a medium-sized IT company located in Berlin. He's married and has no children yet. Florial and his wife are planning to have a child soon, so they're looking for a bigger apartment. 

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