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Shopping & Purchases

Have you ever had a shopping spree experience? You visit multiple stores to buy things that you don’t really need, and you can hardly remember the faces of shop assistants after you come home.

The only thing that might come to your mind afterward is the bad service you were offered by one of them. If you are the lazy type, you’ll just won’t come back to that store. But if you advocate for truth, you’ll share this experience with your friends and everyone on the Internet.

Being in the retail business, you cannot risk losing your customers because of the negative experience they had. Start looking at things from the customer’s perspective to understand what they feel when interacting with you and what actions you can take to improve their experience.

Our CJM templates will help you start off with analyzing and improving the customer journey in different areas of your business.

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CJM for Retail (Food)
CJM for Retail (Auto/ other goods)
CJM for e-commerce
CJM for Delivery
Online grocery store CJM
E-commerce touchpoints
E-commerce CJM for consumer products
Online store content marketing template
Online store content marketing persona
E-commerce store email campaign JM
E-commerce store email campaign persona
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