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Kristina Margulets
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Case study: how Freeman Capital uses UXPressia to help people build generational wealth

Freeman Capital case study

Freeman Capital is a private wealth management company founded back in 2015. 

They teach everyday people about financial matters and help them regain control of their day-to-day finances, make critical financial decisions with confidence, and get started with investing, both passive and active.

The Challenge

Serving its mission to help people live their best life by closing the wealth gap, Freeman Capital wanted to identify and bridge gaps in their services to better serve their clients. Calvin Williams, Freeman Capital’s Founder and CEO, chose journey mapping as a means of achieving that goal.

But there was a problem: Mr. Williams, who decided to take on that project, had never mapped customer journeys before. Another challenge was their remote team. 

"I needed a tool that would help make it super easy for me to learn how to map customer journeys, and do it easily and share maps with my team," says Mr. Williams.

The Solution

Mr. Williams was looking for a tool that would help make it super easy for him to learn how to map customer journeys, and do it easily and share maps with his team.

UXPressia turned out to have everything that Mr.Williams was looking for.

“It was super easy to pick up and just get started. And the team was very impressed with how great the tool was.”

They first created a customer data journey map to identify the gaps and understand what they needed to improve.

Then they started to get people from different departments on board so that they all saw and knew what was supposed to happen.

The Result

Today Freeman Capital uses UXPressia in every project. They create everything from customer journey maps to impact maps and personas.

“All of those things help us think through things in a really easy way and identify gaps and better help our customers.”

Whether the team is going to launch social media campaigns, a mobile app, websites — they start with creating customer and customer data journey maps in UXPressia.

“We’ll use UXPressia for every interaction that we have with customers or customer data.”

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