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Kristina Margulets

Kristina Margulets
Content Writer at UXPressia

Updated template: banking for business journey map


When you deliver banking and financial services to a business, the chances are that you provide the experience not only to your point of contact in the organization but to all the people working there and even its customers. That's where the complexity of delivering the stellar experience to corporate clients lies.

To help you grasp the specificities of delivering an excellent experience to corporate clients we took the Banking For Business Journey Map Template we already had and filled it out with a detailed story. 

It will encourage you to detect the weak spots in customer experience, understand the expectations and problems of corporate clients, identify the opportunities to enhance their experience, and even more.

Banking for business journey map template

The template is built around a 31-year-old entrepreneur from France who runs a business that has recently grown. It covers the steps the entrepreneur takes to sub-contract payroll processing to a bank, focusing on his goals, expectations, and emotional experience. 

Plus, there’s a persona template inside the Banking for Business Journey Map template.

Want to deliver better experiences to your corporate clients? 

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