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New template: car insurance customer journey map


In today's highly competitive insurance market, customer experience has turned into a battleground for market dominance. Achieving a truly great experience is close to impossible without understanding your customer’s needs, wants, and pain points. Our advice is start by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes with the help of journey mapping.

To help insurance companies with that, we've built a car insurance customer journey map template. Check it out to get an idea of what your customers have to go through during their insurance journeys and get some insight about improving their experience.

car insurance customer journey map

Insurance customers can sometimes take a similar journey, but their goals and needs can be different. In this template, we compared journeys of three personas and reflected their different expectations, thoughts, problems, and questions. 

Meet the personas

In the template, you’ll find three ready-to-use customer personas:

  • Zachary is a great fan of classic cars who wants to get rideshare insurance for his new part-time job.
  • Sarah, whose car insurance is about to expire and she needs to decide whether to switch to another car insurance provider.
  • A young family who recently moved to another state and bought a second car. They want to get car insurance for both cars.

Bonus: an insurance agent persona, Ann. You won’t find her on the map, but feel free to use this persona as a starting point for your own agent persona.

insurance agent persona

In the Useful Attachments section, we added some pieces of content that would come in handy for your next insurance journey mapping project. And make sure to check the Ideas section where we've gathered the best insurance practices that would help you to come up with your own ideas about improving CX.

P.S. Want to see the process of building the insurance template and get some industry-specific insights? Watch the recording of our webinar where we did it. Interested in a car sharing customer journey map creation? Just follow our tips.

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3 years ago

Watched the webinar with Vitaly that’s linked at the bottom of the post, a nice walkthrough for the car insurance customer journey you’re suggesting. Thanks for the template and materials

3 years ago

It’s interesting how the overall map you considered has different personas going through the same stages. Goes to show that the auto insurance customer journey can be really different for different audience segments. Especially since all of them have varying expertise and domain knowledge levels.