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Update: Impact Mapping Online Beta


Spring is best known for bringing new things to life. At UXPressia, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make an impactful (spoiler!) spring release and we’re bursting with excitement to show you what we’re bringing to you this time.

Update: New Sharing Functionality


We keep this tradition of improving little things that turn out to be timesavers. In today’s episode of our update series, we have something that will come in handy every time you want to share your project. Stand by.

How to create an Impact Map in 4 easy steps?


As you might remember from our previous post, Impact Mapping is a product planning technique. The one that lets you set business goals and visualize the way and the means to achieve them. This method shows you the impact that this or that feature will make (or won’t) once implemented. By creating an Impact Map, […]

What if my CJM is too Big and Complex?


Creating CJM is quite a challenging task. Let alone iteration and maintenance. And it’s not just about doing it right. Sometimes customer journey maps get really complicated. So complicated that it is simply not possible to fit them into one single map. What can we do in this case and how UXPressia may be of […]

A Free Ticket to Soap! Conference


Hey there, UXPressia friends! We’re giving away a ticket to the Soap content conference! Read more and take a crack at winning a free ticket to this awesome event.

Create Service Blueprint in UXPressia


We keep exploring possibilities of our CJM Online Tool outside of its main scope. Because, you know, all these nifty columns and rows must be good for something other than creating Customer Journey Maps, right? So let’s put them all to work by trying to build a Service Blueprint in UXPressia.

Updates: More Customization for Personas and CJM


Visualization plays one the most important roles in the process of creating an outstanding user experience. This is the reason why CJM and Personas are so damn powerful. At UXPressia, we are passionate about visualizing and we want you to be able to make your maps and personas more visually striking. And this little update […]

What is Impact Mapping and Why Do You Need It?


Impact mapping is a strategic planning technique that lets your team set business goals and visualize the way and the means to achieve these goals. Well, this comprehensive explanation is probably far from what you’re looking for. You want the ropes. Laces at least. Since UXPressia has just launched Impact Mapping Tool, we’ll be covering impact […]