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Persona alternatives


Ooh-la-la! We’ve been talking so much about personas that it seems to be about the time to throw in some persona alternatives to shake things up a little. You know, take a breath of fresh air and think that maybe we’re being too obsessed with this persona nonsense and we’re missing something. Some other cool […]

How Many Personas is Enough?


By this time, you probably know a lot about personas – what they are, how to make them and why you want to have them in the first place. It could be that you’ve already persuaded everyone (including your dog) to bring them into your company. It could be that you even tried to create […]

You Can Make Task Grid in UXPressia!


One of the great things about grid-like instruments is that they can be used for so many things due to flexibility and simplicity. In case you haven’t noticed yet, UXPressia belongs to the family of such tools. Thus, it can be used not only to map customer journeys but also to create other fun things. […]

Updates: New CJM Section and Help Chat


Today, we are bringing you another load of new features! Yes, we’ve just rolled out a few updates that will certainly level up the experience you get when working with UXPressia. Feel like taking a quick tour around the Update City? We do!

Good Personas vs. Bad Personas

good vs bad walter white

Okay, we’ve spent considerable time telling you how to create personas and what benefits they can bring to your company. This time we’ll talk about what traits make personas good or bad. And it’s not about temper. It’s about whether a given persona fulfills its purpose or not. Whether it benefits your design process or […]

Optimal Number of Touchpoints for CJM?


So you’ve started (or intend to start) creating your first customer journey map. At this point, you aligned your goals and settled with a couple of personas. Everything was fine (or almost fine) until this very moment when you started to think about how many touchpoints would be okay for you. Where in the world […]

Updates: CJM Templates, Projects Drag’n’Drop


Did you know that back in history Thursday meant The Holy Update Rollouts Day? Of course, you didn’t. We just made it up! But what’s true is that we are so excited that you enjoy working with UXPressia that we simply cannot stop making it better and better. So today, we have two awesome updates […]

Start Off on the Right Foot with CJM

start line

They say the early bird catches the worm. At UXPressia we say the earlier you start designing good UX, the more people you retain. And the higher conversion you get. The more mores you’ll have. Even when your product is nothing more than a concept in your head. But how can you design UX for […]

3 Killer Wins of Using UX Personas

UX personas

UX Persona has an undisputed importance to creating rich user experiences and designing excellent services, but what are the exact benefits of creating personas? Apart from the fact that we use it with customer journey mapping to get to know our customers better. It turns out that personas are actually good for multiple reasons. Last […]