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Free masterclass: From team engagement to superior CX | July 24


Are you finding it challenging to convince leadership of an initiative’s value, unite team members with differing views, or drive lasting changes within your journey mapping projects?

It’s not about your influence, personality, or innate talent. It’s about engagement—the strategic blending of art and science to create a cohesive “we.” The best part? Engagement is a skill that can be learned. 

Join our workshop with Scott Gould, author, speaker, and consultant on the subject of engagement, to discover how to apply psychological principles from CX and journey mapping to enhance engagement with stakeholders, managers, and customers, ultimately driving success.

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📄 What you will learn:

◽️ 3 types of engagement: understand and lead people through the three types of engagement for maximum impact.

◽️ Scaling engagement: six key levers to scale engagement within projects, teams, and organizations.

◽️ 3-step change program: the program designed to turn the odds in your favor.

◽️ 5 instant engagement techniques: five techniques to engage anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to put your learnings into practice:

There will be breakout rooms for hands-on practice. 😎

Even if you can't attend the masterclass, you can still receive the recording with all the valuable information. All you need to do is register 👇

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