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What Are Persona Alternatives?


Are there any alternatives to making a persona? We have URS, Empathy maps, and User stories…but are they really good alternatives? Let’s see.

How Many Personas is Enough?


How many personas should you have? One? Five? A dozen? Are there any standards? Let’s tackle these questions together in this post.

Updates: New CJM Section and Help Chat


Today, we are bringing you another load of new features! Yes, we’ve just rolled out a few updates that will certainly level up the experience you get when working with UXPressia. Feel like taking a quick tour around the Update City? We do!

Good Personas vs. Bad Personas

good vs bad walter white

How to create truly powerful user personas that will awaken empathy and help you create better services? And how to avoid common mistakes when creating personas? In this post, we’ll answer this question and some others along the way.

Updates: CJM Templates, Projects Drag’n’Drop


We’ve made a few nice tweaks to UXPressia. Such moving stuff around the dashboard and a new refined CJM Templates page where each template has a bunch of useful thingies you can use to scoop insights. Check it out!