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Use Chunks to organize your CX insights


Meet the new feature to level up your experience management and journey mapping process — ✨ CX Chunks

Let's get to know it better.

What are Chunks?

Chunks are bits of information to reuse in maps, personas, or use independently. They help you gather all your CX data in one place, making it easy to access and use at different stages of your projects.

💡 Note: CX Chunks are available from the Pro plan.

What kinds of Chunks are there?

The default Chunk types are:

  • Problem;
  • idea;
  • task;
  • observation;
  • hypothesis.

When's the best time for Chunks? Spoiler: Always

Take advantage of Chunks at different stages of your mapping project. For example:

  • Organizing research findings into a research repository at the research stage.
  • Save time on duplicating data repeated across different journeys at the mapping stage.
  • Prioritize your ideas and assign task owners at the ideation and planning stages.
  • Track the tasks’ progress at the implementation stage.

Where Chunks live

You can Chunks in many places:

  • Dashboard: Go to the Dashboard to see all the Chunks in your Workspace. They’re organized into tabs based on Chunk types.
  • Tag page: On the Tag Page, you can view Chunks with this tag.
  • Maps and personas where you or your teammates added them.
  • Design View: In Design View, you can switch between big-picture overviews and detailed insights, seeing which tasks are linked to specific journeys.

How to create Chunks

You can create Chunks from different locations:

  • Your Dashboard
  • Tag page
  • Maps and personas

You can also convert text into Chunks inside documents.

How might Chunks look?

Depending on their type, Chunks have different properties. So choose the ones that better suit your needs 😉

Need some examples? We’ve got them!

  • A Chunk based on a customer survey responses:
  • A Chunk based on a customer interview:
  • A Chunk with a hypothesis awaiting validation:

How amazing is that?

By using Chunks effectively, you can keep your data organized and easily accessible for all your mapping projects.

Start streamlining your workflow with Chunks today  👇

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