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New event: One Map, Multiple Journeys | May 29


Yeah, that’s the return of our highly requested webinar on multi-persona journey maps. We've decided to run the event for the second time, giving you another chance to dive deeper into this complex topic.

New event: One Map, Multiple Journeys  announcement

Why multi-persona journey maps? 

Typically, a customer journey map reflects the experience of a single customer persona using a product or service. However, in the real world, multiple personas often navigate similar or interconnected paths. 

While you could create a separate map for each persona, integrating multiple personas into a single journey map can provide a richer, more comprehensive view of the customer experience. 

This approach not only saves time but also reveals insights that might be missed when personas are considered in isolation.

What will you explore? 

🟣 What multi-persona customer journey maps are and why they're crucial for your business.

🟣 How to decide between multiple journey maps and one integrated multi-persona map.

🟣 Two use cases: we’ll showcase those, walking you through B2B and B2C examples to illustrate how such maps function in different scenarios.

Who should attend? 

✅ CX/UX specialists looking to refine their skills.

✅ Business owners aiming to enhance customer understanding.

✅ Product owners and project managers seeking to improve project outcomes.

✅ Marketers and team leaders eager to adopt a more customer-centric approach in their strategies.

✅ Anyone interested in the topic.

By the end of this session, you will have the knowledge and inspiration to create effective multi-persona maps that drive customer-centric strategies and enhance the experiences of all your target audiences.

Interactive Q&A session

We have a dedicated live Q&A session where you can ask our experts about multi-persona journey mapping. This is your chance to gain further clarity and explore aspects of the topic that are most relevant to you.

Event recording

📹 If you're interested but unsure about your availability at the time of the live webinar, don't worry. 

Register for the event, and we'll make sure you receive a recording afterward. This way, you won’t miss out on the valuable insights shared during the session, and you can watch it at your convenience.

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