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New event: Telehealth CX meets process mapping | June 25


Many organizations face the challenge of creating smooth and delightful customer experiences. The main problem is that customer journey strategies and internal processes don't align, leading to inefficiencies, frustrated customers, and missed opportunities.

Focusing exclusively on internal processes, companies fail to consider the holistic view of the customer journey, which actually includes these processes. 

This misalignment is critical in any industry, with telehealth being no exception. On June 25, join us for a thought-provoking event where Brenda Batista-Mollohan, Founder of Inspiring Company Culture, will share invaluable insights from the sector. 

Brenda will discuss how aligning experience mapping with process improvement can revolutionize customer experience and operational efficiency.

📄 In this session, she will present a real client example (with sensitive details redacted) to showcase the persona, the CX map, a process map, and KPIs, for you to learn:

◽️ How to synchronize CX mapping with process excellence goals.

◽️ The impact of focusing on process improvement on customer experience.

◽️ Setting KPIs that maintain both CX and process improvement (PI) efforts.

💬 At the end of the session, there will be a Q&A part where you can ask all your questions.

Join us regardless of your industry. The principles shared in this session are adaptable and can be implemented to enhance your own processes 😉

For those who cannot join live and all registered participants, we will send a recording of the event within a few days after it ends.

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