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New event: Nurturing a customer journey culture in your team | July 11


How can involving all your employees in the customer journey improve your business? What positive changes can this introduce to your employees and customers alike? How to bring a customer journey mindset to your team?

Join Marie Kolie, Customer Success Manager at Taikonauten, on July 11 for an enlightening session, where you will learn the answers to the aforementioned questions and more. 

event announcement

Marie will discuss how to harness the power of customer journey insights to strengthen your internal teams. 

🌊 You dive deeper in…

  • The importance of internal teams understanding the customer journey;
  • Tackling challenges in adopting a customer journey mindset;
  • Utilizing agile sprints and nugget learning to integrate the customer journey into daily operations.

Practical examples? Included.

The Q&A part? Of course.

And if you miss the live session, you can still get the recording a few days later. So be sure to register, no matter your business.

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