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Level up your mapping with Chunks  | June 18


Are you tired of drowning in a sea of customer experience data, struggling to navigate through various sources, and duplicating information across multiple customer journey maps? Say goodbye to the chaos and embrace a streamlined approach with the latest enhancements to the UXPressia platform.

event announcement

Join us for an enlightening webinar where Julia, our Customer Success Agent, will unveil powerful functionality to enhance your CX data management journey. 

Discover the magic of CX Chunks and how they can simplify your workflows, allowing you to shift your focus from tedious processes to strategic endeavors.

Whether you're a seasoned UXPressia user eager to explore new functionalities or a CX enthusiast seeking to enhance your data organization skills, this session is for you. 

Here's a sneak peek of what awaits you:

🟣 Deep dive into CX chunks functionality: your ticket to streamlined workflows.

🟣 Real-world use cases and inspiring examples to ignite your imagination.

🟣 Mastering the art of organizing research data and building a robust research repository.

🟣 Ways to craft personas and journey maps with unparalleled ease and precision.

🟣 Empowering action planning and tracking task progress like never before.

🟣 Unveiling the secrets of creating a hierarchy of customer journeys, problems, and opportunities.

At the end of the event, we'll be diving into your questions with our interactive Q&A session. So, don't hesitate to seek clarification or delve deeper into any topic.

📹 If you can't attend the live session, fret not! Register anyway, and we'll send you the event recording within a couple of days to the email you provide.

Convinced? Then what are you waiting for...

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